Rabin Nuchtabek

Rabin Nuchtabek

I consider myself a hybrid T-Shaped strategist. Currently working as a Growth Lead at the agency side, mainly enterprises. Apart from that, I am helping various SaaS & Mobile App Start-up/scale-ups. From ideation to setting up growth teams and executing the vision. I can get a bit geeky.

Growth Strategist
App Radar & MAD Kings

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🚀For me, marketing is all about digital psychology, cognitive biases, a lot of data, taking risks and storytelling🚀

Currently, everyone is focusing too much on technology. Thinking "If I learn how to use facebook ads / social media platforms/landing page tools etc... that everything will be awesome " However quickly after we often come to the conclusion that things are not working, even if you know how to use certain features of the stack to the fullest.

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