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Hi! My name is Nelio and this is my story of how I've earned my "Black Belt" in Growth Marketing. I left a corporate career (Davidoff, Chanel, L'Oreal) to undertake an impossible task: help a random startup generate "Hockey Stick Growth". That random startup, Careem, was recently bought by Uber for 3.1B$. I then left Dubai to join a community of "Digital Nomads" in Chang Mai. Here, I met incredible humans building M$ businesses without investors, offices nor physical teams. This is when 2 friends from Dubai called me to grow their laundry start-up, "Washmen". In 14 months, without a team, we grew Washmen by 5X+, and closed a multi M$ Series B; Facebook even built a case study on us. Now, I help entrepreneurs earn their own "Black Belt" in Growth Marketing, building awesome businesses that push this World forward 🌏...

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